let your eye

become the heart of

your collection 


Honest Eye helps people find their vision to build their own art collection.

The supposed reputation that art collecting is only for the top 0.1% is not only untrue but also grossly miscommunicates the point of collecting art.

Unlike art dealers and greedy art conglomerates, I’m going to show you how collecting art is a very deep and personal experience that’s both fun and creative.

My name is Edouard Labouret I have a ecclectic taste and I offer art works ranging from High Art to Low Art crossing centuries through countries and civilizations pieces from established artists that have now disappeared to others to be discovered. 



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115 East 36 Street
New York, NY 10016

Art Is Personal

I love to share what I've found by inviting clients to come see them personally in my own home over drinks.

Every piece I sell comes with detailed research and descriptive backgrounds of both the piece and of the artist.  I present them together with other art works, to always remind ourselves how each work must connect with your Art Collection as a whole.   

If you’re interested, I hand deliver my pieces to you personally and offer my professional counsel on how to place the piece within your home to weave a cohesive narrative that makes sense for you.

If you’re unsure, you can keep the piece for a week and just see how it feels.


I’m going to show you how to develop your own taste as I develop my own.

I don’t want to tell you what to buy. I want to embark on a journey of growth for both parties that will refine your eye to appreciate the narratives weaved by conscious collecting.

Big art companies place way too much emphasis on the blue chips. Everyone there is trying to follow a certain fashion.  But I believe the importance of art is to have a cohesive collection. Art is subjective, but it is the thread that you weave, assembling objects together through your eye that can define objectively the artistic value of your have. 

To find pieces that really connect with each other instead of buying a bunch of pieces that have notoriety.  I say, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by the art market. There are TONS of artworks that are just passing through because there’s too much light shed exclusively on the top tier.  

I’m dedicated to showing you how to feel inspired when you come home because you've learned how to discover pieces that speak to you.

I’ve done it for myself and am so proud and happy with my home that I want to help others do the same.